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Tornado Tee

Distance Without Resistance

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True Distance Gain

Tornado Tee allows you to get maximum distance on all of your drives.

Distinct Design

Quality over quantity. The unique design of Tornado Tee facilitates in better and longer drives.

Made In The USA

Made from quality materials right here in the U.S.A.

I’ve tried every tee imaginable. Nothing outperforms the Tornado Tee. It’s the most durable, high performing tee available.

Justin James2017 World Long Drive Champion

Ready To Take Your Golf Game To New Heights?

Like Nothing You Have Experienced.

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Competitive Edge

Tornado Tee gives the long driver that extra edge over the competition.

Unique Design

The one-of-a-kind design increases speed, distance, and center line dispersion.

High Performance

Tornado Tee is for those golfers and drivers looking to get the most out of their tee.

Extreme Durability

The unique design and quality materials allow Tornado Tee to be used again and again.

What Will You Gain by using Tornado

Up to 12 yards average

Increased Distance

Up to 4mph average

Increased Ball Speed

Up to 9 yards average

Reduction in centerline desperation

Info was compiled from third person accomplished owners of top radar launch monitors.

See how the Tornado Tee can help your long drive.

Like Nothing You Have Experienced.

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Tornado Tee is the longest lasting, best performing, and most versatile tee in the golf industry.

Mitch GrassingRanked #7 in the World Long Drive

Tornado Tee is certainly the most advanced and most effective golf tee I’ve ever played.

Tony KorologosBlogger for hookedongolf (HOG)

I never paid attention to the tee I used until I started training for long drive competitions and watching the pros. Hitting the grid is obviously vital so I followed suit and bought into the Tornado Tee and I’m so happy I did. Not only did I hit my first 400+ yard drive with a Tornado Tee, but I’ve also seen a 50% increase in fairways hit during my normal rounds. This isn’t just a tee for long drive. This is a tee for golf

Mike KaffenbergerLong Driver

Tornado Tee's are the BEST! I picked up 5-8 yards and increased my ball speed 2-3 mph. The tee is the best performing, longest lasting tee I have ever used. My playing partners try to steal them whenever they can. Best of all, they are made in the U.S.A!

Jason McGlone

When I started Long Drive in 2015, tees were never part of the equation for me. When Tornado Tee was introduced to me, I was a little skeptical. After 3 days of testing my ball speed was consistently 2 mph faster, and spin rate was about 200 rpm lower, which led to more distance. I was sold and haven’t used another tee since!

Brady Torbitt

Meet Our Athlete Sponsors

Athletes from across the country and around the world trust Tornado Tee to consistently deliver impressive results.

Justin James

World Ranking 1

2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion

Ryan Reisbeck

World Ranking 2

Longest drive 485 yards

Maurice Allen

World Ranking 3

Longest drive 488 yards

Mitch Grassing

World Ranking 7

2017 Volvik World Champion Runner up

Paul Howell

World Ranking 9

Longest Drive 455 yards

Landon Gentry

World Ranking 10

Longest Drive 451 yards

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