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Meet Our Athlete Sponsors

Athletes from across the country and around the world trust Tornado Tee to consistently deliver impressive results.

Justin James

World Ranking 1

2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion

Ryan Reisbeck

World Ranking 2

Longest drive 485 yards

Maurice Allen

World Ranking 3

Longest drive 488 yards

Mitch Grassing

World Ranking 7

2017 Volvik World Champion Runner up

Paul Howell

World Ranking 9

Longest Drive 455 yards

Landon Gentry

World Ranking 10

Longest Drive 451 yards

Kevin Shook

World Ranking 14

Longest Drive 475 yards

Kyle Berkshire

World Ranking 17

Volvik World Long Drive Championship Semifinalist

Justin Moose

World Ranking 20

Longest Drive 448 yards

Jeremy Easterly

World Ranking 21

Longest Drive 450 yards

Brady Torbitt

World Ranking 22

Longest Drive 455 yards

Patrick Hopper

World Ranking

Longest Drive 432 yards

Jim Waldron

World Ranking 27

2017 Rockwell Blast Quarterfinals

Mitch Dobbyn

World Ranking 30

Member of the USA long drive team

Bobby Peterson

Masters Division

Owner of One Stop Power Shop

Phillis Meti

Womens Ranking 2

Longest Drive recorded by a female, 406 yards.

Chloe Garner

Womens Ranking

2017 Clash in the Canyon Champion