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Using Your Tornado Tee

The flexible crown on the Tornado Tee means that it can become misshapen in your bag or shipping.

This is easy to fix. Press the flexible crown down around the tee base like an umbrella and pull back up to the normal position. Repeat this process two or three times to restore the original shape of your tee. Your tee will now easily hold a ball.

The flexible crown also means that you can manipulate the top of the tee for a wide or more narrow crown for your ball to rest on.

Teeing Up with Tornado Tee

To press your Tornado Tee into a hard tee box…

  1. Press Down the Flexible Crown
  2. Place the Ball On Top of the Tee with the Crown Compressed
  3. Press the Ball and Tee Firmly into the Ground
  4. Spring the Flexible Crown Back Up into Position
  5. Replace Your Ball On Top of Your Tee